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OnGuard Bulldog Combo Lock DT 8012c

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OnGuard Bulldog Combo Lock DT 8012c
StarStarStarStarStar 4 of 5 stars average ( 2 reviews )
  • X2P Double Bolt Locking Mechanism locks shackle on both sides
  • Combo u-locks feature steel ball Click-Combo-Gear System that is user settable with 10,000 possible variations
  • Hefty 13mm hardened steel shackle resists cutting, prying and jacking
  • NEW double rubber coated shackle protects paint and finish
  • 10mm fully coated braided steel cable allows for extra locking versatility
  • StarStarStarStarStar 4 of 5 stars average ( 2 reviews )
    OnGuard Bulldog Combo Lock DT 8012c
    OnGuard Bulldog Combo Lock DT 8012c

    your price $54.95 + ships free

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    Customer reviews of this product:

    StarStarStarStarStar Tough like a bulldog!

    by Vicki W. of Denver , CO
    Product: OnGuard Bulldog Combo Lock DT 8012c
    Ownership: a month
    Tech Knowledge: average


    All pros!


    No cons!

    StarStarStarStarStar Truth is, it could be much better ...

    by Biker Wayne
    Product: OnGuard Bulldog Combo Lock DT 8012c
    Ownership: a few months
    Tech Knowledge: high


    Reviews of products on line can be helpful and confusing at the same time. How many times have you read the first review which claims the item must have been made in Heaven only to find the second review claims the item disintegrated when it was used the first time? I will try to offer a solid review of the OnGuard Bulldog Combo Lock as if you are reading this you want as many facts as possible.

    The plain truth is the lock could be much better. I’m a little surprised as this as this comes from a company who has been making locks for a long time.

    The pros, which are on the surface, are good. First, the price is in line especially with the included cable which allows you to lock your wheel and possibly your seat to the Ulock.

    Second, the overall look of the lock is bright and stylish. This is of course is only my opinion however hopefully their trade mark colors will move potential thieves on their way.

    Third, the combination feature is a personal favorite of mine as I don’t need to worry about more keys. The combination wheels turn freely and easily with nice clicks. The numbers are large, bright and clear. However to be fair the lock is brand new. Hopefully this will continue to be the fact many years down the road.

    Forth, this is a solid, heavy, rather large lock. I have read several complaints regarding the weight and size. This is no doubt a “catch 22” whereby if you want the strength it may very well have to be heavy. You may want to look closely at the dimensions to ensure it will work for you.

    Fifth, it comes with an attachment so you can attach it to your bike however most people, including me, find it impossible to attach it to their bike as there simply isn’t the room, so this therefore very quickly becomes a “con”.


    Speaking of cons let talk about what doesn’t work for me. First, as discussed above, is an attachment that simply does not work. As a matter of fact, I haven’t found anyone who has been able to attach it to their bike however I am sure there is someone, somewhere. I have a very average Cannondale hybrid bike and unfortunately I have to carry this lock in my trunk bag.

    Second is the cable. It’s stiff and very unforgiving. I actually read several reviews complaining about this and thought by now this would be corrected. And for the record, yes, a more forgiving cable of equal strength can be manufactured.

    Third, and this will be hard to explain, the combination line of numbers are not set in the center of the “window”. They are in fact all the way to one side so if you don’t position the lock with that side up its difficult see and spin the numbers. Speaking of the combination, I think a great idea would be a sliding cover of sorts as this would keep sand, dirt and debris away from the cylinders. Additionally it would not advertise the Ulock as a “combination lock” as from what I understand combination locks are not quite as safe as keyed locks. Other reviewers have commented about having difficulty working the first and last number which may be a valid point especially if you have large fingers.

    Forth is the plastic casing which despite its good looks apparently comes loose and causes havoc down the road. If you drop it I understand it will shatter. To be fair everything is tight on my lock however again it is fairly new.

    Fifth, and this will be important to many people, the Ulock, in my case, does not lock the frame and wheel. The lock is a little too narrow to accommodate both. To back up, a great way to use the Ulock is to lock the frame and rear wheel, and then use the cable to lock your front wheel and seat. In my situation, the Ulock will only accommodate the frame. Thankfully however I can use the cable. It should be noted this will not be the case with all bikes as this lock will accommodate both the frame and wheel on some.

    Sixth, and this really annoys me, is their “warranty”. It’s actually insulting it’s so absurd. In this computer age the company wants to you to hunt around their website to find a form in which you would need to print and send in snail mail. Are you kidding me? I played the “game” however, printing my form and sending it in. They wanted another dollar so they could cover something for another year. I declined, they got enough of my money. They never sent anything back so I have no idea if they received it. I guess it doesn’t matter because the warranty doesn’t really tell you what is covered … the lock? … the bike? … maybe the cardboard packaging?? I have no idea. Bottom line, do not count on any warranty.

    Other Thoughts

    After reading reviews for a long time before the purchase, and then making the purchase, it is my feeling this company produces locks with a “like or leave it” attitude. They do not seem to listen to anyone much less take any advice to possibly sell more locks. I guess they feel for the money, this is what you get. For me, if the plastic casing doesn’t fall off and the wheels keep turning, it will work. As I said at the beginning, it could be much better. It is equally important for me to insert a very important message to you. If you receive the lock, and it doesn’t work for you, return it. You work way too hard for your money to spend it on a product that doesn’t work for you. Thanks for your time. Enjoy the ride, it goes by fast!

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    OnGuard Bulldog Combo Lock DT 8012c

    your price $54.95 + ships free

    BuyBuy PART NUM 829524